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Civil Law in the digital Single Market

Joint Danish-German Summer-School


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Digital technologies are changing our societies with a lot of benefits for our quality of life and economic growth. But all that glitters is not gold: New technologies present new challenges. The European Commission is working on their digital Single Market Strategy to foster the use and distribution of digital services in the Union. But the differences in the member states civil law still inhibit that more services are purchased and used cross-border. In this summer-school we’ll bring together Danish and German students to discuss how their national law gives answers to questions arising from the use of digital services.

This summer school is a joint seminar with master students from the law faculty at Aarhus University.

In Kiel this program is open for law students at every study level from the beginner to PhD student.

Due to funding our participants will have to pay at least no higher costs compared with usual local seminars in Kiel.



  1. The directive on certain aspects concerning contracts for the supply of digital content (COM(2015) 634 final) – One step forward?
  2. Minors and their contracts with social networks providers
  3. Sorry, I didn’t order the milk. It was my fridge! Validity of contracts concluded by smart devices
  4. Smart devices - concluding contracts of sale or of service?
  5. Google I need an update! - Software manufacturers and their obligation to publish updates 
  6. Liability for autonomous driverless cars (topic assigned)
  7. Personal data – the new currency for digital services? (topic assigned)
  8. Succession into social network accounts


Dates: August (20. - 24.8. Kiel; 27 - 29.8 Sandbjerg Gods)

Are you interested? Please send us an email with details to your study level and your favorite topics from the list. Each topic ought to be chosen by a German and a Danish participant.

We expect a paper in English with approximately 15 pages. In their papers the participants have to discuss the chosen topic from the point of view of their own national law or have to present the EU legislation. During the preparation of the written work the students will receive guidance from their teachers.

The main part is the joint seminar. It will be addressed to the student’s short oral presentation and lively debates on the topics.



Contact: Florian Jotzo