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Civil Law in the digital Single Market

2nd Joint Danish-German Summer-School

August 2019





Digital technologies are changing our society with a lot of benefits for our quality of life and economic growth. But all that glitters is not gold: new technologies present new challenges. The current European Commission is working on their Digital Single Market Strategy to foster the use and distribution of digital services in the Union. But the differences between the member states’ civil law still inhibit cross-border usage and the purchase of more services.

In this summer school we willl bring together Danish and German law students to discuss how their national law gives answers to questions arising from the use of digital services.

This summer school is open for master students from the law faculty at Aarhus University and in KIel for all law students at every study level from the beginner to PhD student.


Dates: August (12.-16.8. Kiel/Sehlendorf + 19.-21.8 Sandbjerg Gods)





  1. The directive on certain aspects concerning contracts for the supply of digital content (COM(2015) 634 final) – One step forward?
  2. Personal data – the new currency for digital services?
  3. Google I need an update! - Software manufactures and their obligation to publish updates
  4. Contracts on smart devices – Qualification as contract of sale, software service or mixed contracts? (applicable law, type of contracts, claims of defects)
  5. The applicability of the CISG to the sale of hardware, software and digital content, including the question of mixed contracts
  6. The conclusion and validity of commercial contracts concluded by atomized or autonomous (smart) contracts (CISG and domestic law)
  7. The conclusion and validity of consumer contracts concluded by smart devices – Sorry, I didn’t order the milk. It was my fridge! 
  8. Minors and their contracts with social network providers (applicable law, effectiveness, type of contract)
  9. Liability for autonomous driverless cars – who is liable, basis of liability, limitations and insurance issues
  10. Private International Law (PIL) and commercial contracts concluded by smart devises or smart contracts
  11. Private International Law (PIL) and consumer contracts concluded by smart devises or smart contracts
  12. International jurisdiction by contracts concluded by smart devises or smart contracts (Brussels regime and domestic civil procedure law).



The summer school will be conducted in four parts:

1. Introduction: There will be a short introduction to the seminar in Aarhus and in Kiel.  In this session the lecturers will give a brief overview of digitalisation and its impacts on civil law. Afterwards the topics will be introduced. Each topic ought to be worked on by one Danish and one German student.

2. Writing Papers: The participants will then prepare a written paper in English (app. 10-20 pages). In these papers the students shall discuss the chosen topic from the point of view of their own national law and/or the relevant EU legislation. During their research and preparation the students will receive guidance from the teachers in separate meetings and have the possibility to coordinate online with their counterpart from Aarhus/Kiel. Deadline to handing in the paper will be the end of week 32.

3. Joint Seminar (CAU): In week 33 the seminar will be in Kiel (Sehlendorf). It will be the first time that all participants from Denmark and Germany meet each other personally. During this  seminar the students will get feedback on their written papers. They will have time to discuss their topics and theses with their research partners, lecturers and other the participants. The goal is to prepare the oral presentations, which will be held in Denmark. During this week, there will be opportunities for the group to get to know the city of Kiel as an interesting place for studying, working and living in the baltic region

4. Presentations (AU): The last part of our summer school will be a joint seminar at Sandbjerg Gods in week 34, which will be devoted to the student’s presentations.


Introduction and Registration

If you’re interested, please sent us an email.



  • Prof. Dr. Morten Midtgaard Fogt (AU)
  • Dr. Florian Jotzo (CAU)
  • Max Dregelies (CAU)
  • Nico Einfeldt (CAU)


Contact: Florian Jotzo

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